Kids Rooms

Master the chaos

Children accumulate so much stuff – toys, clothes, books, boxes… the list goes on. Wouldn’t it be nice to store it away in a cupboard, close the door and be done with the mess? 

Use the top shelf for boxes with toys. Hang up all those little clothes and have room for all their games and books too. We can design a system for you to accommodate all these requirements and that looks fantastic too.

Customised solutions:

Ventilated shelving is a great solution for a kids room, accessories with basket sets and find a space for all those bits and pieces. Or have a timeless and classy system designed for your from our Euro Collection . 

Go Standard and Save - our Ventilated Standard Range:

"Paris" from our Ventilated Standard Range is our most popular set-up for a kid's wardrobe and is available from as little as $210 (certain conditions apply). Our Kiwi Collection has some great Melteca set ups that are ideal for a kids room.


Please contact us for pricing.


Please contact us for pricing.