Effective planning of your storage areas

Here is a list of clever tips that will assist you when considering and planning your wardrobe and storage areas.

As everyone’s individual requirements vary it is well worth investing some time in the planning process to ensure that you get the best product to fit your needs. By selecting effective storage you will enhance access to your clothing, accessories and storage items creating a clutter free environment that adds value to your home.

Before commencing the design your wardrobe system take some time to consider what your personal requirement are by asking yourself these questions:

  • Do my shelves and hang bars need to be a specific height?

  • How many long hanging clothes do I have?

  • How many short hanging clothes do I have?

  • Do I need ¾ hanging for pants and dresses?

  • How many clothes do I have that I would like to put on shelves?

  • How many pairs of shoes do I have?

  • What other items would I like to store in this space?

The answers to these questions will determine how you divide up the valuable space in your wardrobe.

Walk-in-Wardrobe Master Wardrobe sizing tip 
The ideal width between two walls of hanging is at least 600mm.

Consider the positioning of any windows in this space as it will impact on the amount of wall available for valuable storage.  Lighting is also an important consideration, along with location of any light switches and power points to ensure they are clear of any shelving units where possible.

The wardrobe organiser has evolved to achieve a minimalistic feel to bedrooms.  It enables you to fit up to three times as many items into a wardrobe with a Designer Homeware wardrobe solution.

It is important to consider how you are going to interact with your stored items - this is most important in a walk-in wardrobe where you have an environment where you need to be able to move around.  This may include getting dressed in the walk-in-wardrobe or gaining access to the far corner of the wardrobe to find that dress or shirt you wore last month.  You may wish to consider dress mirrors, jewellery drawers and pull-out ironing boards to further enhance this space.

By placing your hanging clothing items at the rear of your walk-in wardrobe and your shelves closest to the access point you will make your room feel more spacious and allow for better flow.

Dividing master bedroom wardrobes into his and her sections gives a nice flow and adds to the function of the layout. Shared space can be put in the middle for overflow of either his or hers sections.




Jewellery drawer, trouser rack, pull-out mirror, wall-mounted mirror, angled shoe racks, tie and belt rack, scarf rack, pull out baskets, pull out shoe shelves, lockable drawers or cupboards, built-in safe, fold-down ironing board, soft-close drawers, display case, built-in laundry basket, make-up station, lounger (ottoman or similar upholstered seating).

Linen Cupboards

When considering your HWC and linen cupboards it is important to ensure you have adequate airflow.  This will help to keep you linen fresh.  Using Designer Homeware ventilated shelving ensures there is adequate airflow within this cupboard.

Office & Desks

Designer Homeware can help design office spaces and kids study’s.  Start with something as simple as a fixed desk area or expand into under desk drawer sets to shelving units above.



Laundry designs are another range offered by Designer Homeware.  Options range from ventilated storage or hanging shelving installed above your washing machine and tub, to complete solid Melteca cupboards and hanging rail arrangements which allow extra bench and storage space and hanging for garments.

Garage Storage

There is space for much more than just cars….

The garage is often the first room in your house that you come home to.  It's quite common for many of us to have piles of "junk" or "I'll use it one day" boxes & items stored in the garage - not a welcoming site.  We can customise a garage storage system for you so that your garage is as organised as the rest of your house, from a workbench to customised storage cabinets and drawers, or shoe storage.

Once you have a general idea of the storage requirements that you require contact your Designer Homeware Sales & Design consultant.  We will take you through the process of creating the best design to meet you individual requirements. 

Our showroom is a great resource for you to see designs and discuss your needs, or we can meet you at your home.